Leveraging BRAVE inputs (Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, Environment) to produce the right outputs is complicated but worthwhile.

Just ask Ping Identity CEO Andre Durand. He believes that “When you focus on the right inputs, the right outputs often manifest, but they do so in a more sustainable way.” He notes that, since the most important input into Ping’s cloud security business is people, his focus centers on individuals and their environment.

In the end, behaviors are the output that benefits customers. It’s not that Durand doesn’t care about the output. He does. Durand believes that creating the right environment, with the right values, attitude, and relationships, will produce the right behaviors.

In many ways, management by objective (MBO), with its focus on output, is far simpler. Worrying about your team’s BRAVE environment, values, attitude, relationships, and behaviors may be more complicated, but it is ultimately more satisfying and sustainable.

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