About Us

Transitions are a Crucible of Leadership

We know, through our personal experiences gained as leaders, that the first 100 days in a critical transition are a crucible of leadership – when managed well, leaders build cohesive teams that succeed.  When managed poorly, leaders falter, teams stall, and organizations fail.

These experiences, and our motivation to make things better for leaders during critical transitions, became the initial catalyst for the creation of the tools that became the core of the PrimeGenesis approach to our executive onboarding services and the foundation of our first book, The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan.

First 100 Days

Established 2003

We Accelerate Leaders and Teams During Critical Transitions

PrimeGenesis accelerates leaders and teams to deliver better results faster through critical transitions, leading to short term and lasting success for the leader and the organization.

We create leverage when new CEO’s and C-Suite executives are tasked with transforming results and there is a need for speed. Using our 100-Day Action Plan process, leaders quickly build a cohesive team, align around strategic, operational and organizational actions, and dramatically accelerate value creation.

Whether you are a new C-suite executive, integrating teams as a result of an acquisition or re-organization, or you need to quickly pivot your existing team at a strategic point of inflection, we’ll help you deliver better results faster.

Since 2003, across hundreds of client engagements in numerous industries and markets around the world, we’ve helped leaders and teams in the most challenging circumstances. Learn more about our support across Executive Onboarding, Team Onboarding and Acceleration & Restart transitions.

Getting Started with The 100-Day Action Plan and Process

Two PrimeGenesis partners meet with the leader to conduct a prep session and develop a 100-Day Action Plan, incorporating multiple inputs and factors. Next, we jump in for 100 days to support implementation of the plan, aligning the team around a shared purpose and results-focused action plans. The approach addresses strategic, operational and organizational actions required to deliver early and lasting success. We provide behind-the-scenes coaching and adjust along the way to help our clients deliver better results faster.

Learn how our core 100-Day Action Plan process and expert support are leveraged for client success in Executive Onboarding, Team Onboarding and Acceleration & Restart transitions.

How We’re Different

Our team, tools and unique perspective are developed with practicality, flexibility and client success in mind.

Our team… comprises of former CEOs, presidents, managing directors, and organizational development experts who’ve been in your shoes, practiced what we preach, roll up our sleeves and help you get things done.  We help build confidence and are completely committed to your success.

Our tools … are built and adapted from best practices and real-life experiences with our clients. We are not wedded to our tools; we use what works.

Our unique perspective … comes from our single-minded focus on executive onboarding and transition acceleration since 2003, as well as hundreds of engagements across a wide range of complex transitions in numerous industries and markets around the world. We literally wrote the books and numerous articles on the subjects of transition acceleration, executive and team onboarding, and leadership.

Our Clients’ Success

Our clients succeed in building cohesive teams, achieving their goals, and creating lasting improvements to their businesses. Check out our case studies here.

We’ve been able to reduce high market failure rates – 40% for leaders entering a new role, 70% for transformations and 80% for M&A* – to less than 10% for our clients. Our top 10 clients have used us over 180 times.

Learn more about our clients, who compete in a wide range of industries, geographies, organization sizes & types, including private equity, middle market, larger scale/global, high growth and not-for-profit.

Having a plan, a process and expert, hands-on support can mean the difference between success and failure.

Failure Rates

  • Leaders Entering a New Role 40% 40%
  • Leaders Who Work with PrimeGenesis 10% 10%

*40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months (Heidrick & Struggles, 2009), 70% of transformations fail to deliver significant value (McKinsey, 2015), 80% of M&A fails to boost returns (KPMG, 2012).