Sometimes an attitude of “Failure is not an option” can be counter-productive. Certainly there are moments, like Apollo 13’s crippling explosion in space, at which individuals and teams must step up with super-human strengths to make things happen. There are other cases where controlled failures can be managed – especially if you have contingency, back-up plans ready. Protecting against the downside frees you and your team to focus on the upside.

The Six-Step Strategic Planning Process

The following six-step process will allow you to create a complete and robust strategic plan. 

  1. Set the Aspirational Destination
  2. Assess the Facts of the Current Reality and Develop Future Scenarios.
  3. Identify Potential Alternatives to Bridge Gaps between Reality and Aspiration. 
  4. Evaluate Potential Alternatives under Different Scenarios 
  5. Develop Detailed Business Plans 
  6. Act, Measure, Adjust, and Repeat 

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