edX has announced it is partnering with two Massachusetts community colleges to “Take the learning to the learners.” Originally founded with a $60 million grant from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop and implement online learning technologies, edX is expanding into community colleges by offering its massive open online courses – known as MOOCs – to students at Mass Bay and Bunker Hill.

Just as business leaders should consider following the flipped classroom model for business presentations, think about deploying a blended learning approach for employees working outside your main office. They have the same issues as students at community colleges: access and time. They don’t have access to the same content and teachers that are wandering around your main office. If they come in for meetings or workshops, they have to factor in travel time.

With a blended learning approach, you can provide them with videos and interactive assignments at their primary locations, and then pull them together either in regional hubs or your main office for one-on-one and group discussions as well as mini-lectures. It’s a way to give greater access and make the best use of our most precious commodity – time.

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