Guide has tools, agendas and slides to help human capital professionals systematize onboarding

The Total Onboarding Program (Bradt & Bancroft, Wiley/Pfeiffer 2010) is a loose leaf guide and flash drive filled with tools and the meeting and workshop agendas and slides that internal and external human capital professionals need to sell-in and implement an organization-wide, systemic approach to onboarding.

Recall our first book, The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan (Bradt, Check & Pedraza, Wiley 2006 and 2009), is written for leaders going into new jobs or roles.  Our second book, Onboarding (Bradt & Vonnegut, Wiley 2009) is written for managers bringing new people into work for them.

"The Total Onboarding Program is a comprehensive, step by step, guide to successfully integrating new hires into an organization.   For the first time, there is a road map for those who help new leaders develop their own road maps during the onboarding process.  Any organization that wants to increase its return on human capital needs to utilize the specific best practices so clearly described in this invaluable new resource."

 – Ben Dattner, adjunct professor of Organizational Psychology, New York University and founding principal of Dattner Consulting

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