Team Onboarding Services

About to combine two or more teams?

Now, you’ll need to deliver on the promise of the investment.

80% of mergers & acquisitions fail to boost returns.  Why? Inability to realize synergies and optimize the combined team to enhance competitiveness.

Our team onboarding services help you quickly assimilate the teams and begin delivering on the promise of your investment.  Our 100-day Team Onboarding process and hands-on, expert support helps you answer the teams #1 question – “what does this mean for me?” – and unify merged teams around a common vision, culture and results-driven action plans.  You will deliver on short term synergies, activate a new culture and enhance your combined team’s long-term competitiveness.


90% of our clients succeed

Team Onboarding: How We Help you Succeed

Get a head start before day one

Prepare with a 100-Day Action Plan

While the days leading up to closing an acquisition or merger can be stressful, take the time to plan the first 100 days, paying particular attention to your leadership approach in the context of integration objectives.  We help you specify: goals, a roadmap for business and cultural integration, preliminary messaging, and a process for decision-making and communications.

Leverage the “Fuzzy Front End”

With your plan in place, we help you use the days before the close and the official Day 1 to accelerate your and your team’s learning in key areas, kick start new relationships, sharpen and test your messaging, enroll the combined leadership team in communications, and perform an initial role sort.

Manage the message

Take Control of Day One and Early Days

The first thing anyone cares about during times of change is “what does this mean for me”? We help you answer this question for each member of the teams being combined. Next, people want to know how to develop relationships on the new team, the reasons driving the combination, and, eventually, how they can participate in defining and delivering the future. We help you develop a high-level roadmap for business and cultural integration, realizing it will take time for new team members to absorb the change and focus on the combined team’s goals. Remember that everything communicates, including how you decide to include leaders from all sides of the newly-formed team.

Activate Culture-Shaping Communication

Communication is your best tool in shaping culture when combining teams, regardless of which of the teams’ cultures you are adopting as the lead culture, or whether you are open to building a new and different culture. We provide a structure for making choices on environment, values, attitudes, relationships, behaviors and processes as you guide culture in a new direction. We support you in developing a communication plan that brings clarity and permanence to those decisions.

Set direction, build the team

Co-Create Your Team Strategic Imperative

During the first 30 days, individuals gain clarity on what it means for them, which relationships they must invest in, and the rationale behind the combination. By Day 30, it is time to pivot and evolve the team to the future direction envisioned when you initiated the combination. We facilitate an Imperative Workshop, connecting the original top-down plan with the combined team’s bottoms-up perspective, enhancing the quality of the strategy and the sense of ownership around results-focused actions plans amongst the new combined team.

Build Operating Momentum & Accountability

Now that your new, combined team is aligned, it is time to intensify accountability and begin building momentum toward your business and cultural objectives. We help you embed a milestone management process on agreed deliverables by Day 45, identifying decision rights, linkages and where help is needed. The process fosters communication, accountability and team problem-solving, leading to better results.

Over Invest In and Deliver Team Early Wins

Early wins are key to establishing credibility, confidence and camaraderie around the new combined enterprise. Around day 60, we help you select achievable wins from your milestone list, charter “action teams” and facilitate a process for accelerating alignment and results. Celebrating wins will build confidence and reinforce the new combined team’s culture and commitment to the goals and to each other.

Strengthen Your Organization

Prior to Day One, you may have made some initial decisions regarding roles as you combined the teams. Now that you’ve aligned on goals and strategies, step back and assess the need for further changes. We support your efforts to perform a broad role sort by Day 70 to make sure the right people are in the right roles in your integrated organization.

Sustain momentum, deliver results

Assess Your Progress

You have reached the 100-day mark with strong relationships, the combined team aligned on business and cultural direction, clear accountability and the excitement of delivering early wins. What’s next? We facilitate an assessment and feedback process, giving you a strong sense of where you are and how well you are leading versus the original business, organizational and integration goals.

Accelerate the Integration

We utilize the learnings from the assessment to outline an actionable plan to sustain momentum and deepen the integration. We focus on evolving your practices, processes, culture and personal leadership to adjust to the situation and ensure you continue to deliver better results faster.

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