Team Onboarding Services

About to combine two or more teams?

Now, you’ll need to deliver on the promise of the investment.

83% of mergers & acquisitions fail to boost returns.  Why? Poor strategic focus, poor cultural integration, poor delivery of synergies.

Our team onboarding services help you quickly assimilate the teams and begin delivering on the promise of your investment.  Our 100-day Team Onboarding process and hands-on, expert support helps you answer the teams #1 question – “what does this mean for me?” – and unify merged teams around a common vision, culture and results-driven action plans.  You will deliver on short term synergies, activate a new culture and enhance your combined team’s long-term competitiveness.


83% of mergers & acquisitions fail to boost returns

Team Onboarding: How We Help you Succeed

Align Leadership Pre-Close

Mergers and acquisitions never unfold in a straight line. This is why successful leaders pull from the seven different sub-playbooks that make up the merger and acquisition leader’s playbook in different orders in different situations: strategic, commercial, operating, financial, governance, organizational, and change management.


  • ID stakeholders including investors, collaborators, internal and expanded team
  • Lay out message headline and communication points
  • Complete due diligence to check synergy value creators, cost-reductions and cultural compatibility
  • Map out change management plans starting with pre-close leadership alignment and most important one-on-one meetings
  • Lay out timeline for putting in place Tactical Capacity building blocks

Implement Change Management Plan

We’ve all seen organizations acquire other organizations and then run them as wholly owned, separate entities. You can’t possibly realize synergies out of separate organizations. Synergies must be created together by teams looking beyond themselves to new problems they can solve for others. This is why a deliberate and detailed integration plan that spans across organizational, operational, strategic, and cultural issues is essential. Included in this should be:


  • Specific actions for day one and early days
  • Who meet with, when, what forum?
  • What signals to send/how to reinforce message.

Put In Place Tactical Capacity Building Blocks

Tactical capacity is a team’s ability to work under difficult, changing conditions and to translate strategies into tactical actions decisively, rapidly, and effectively. It is the essential bridge between strategy and execution. The core components of this include:

Strategic Imperative (pulling from the Strategic and Commercial playbooks)

  • Situation Analysis
  • Strategic Planning

Operating Cadence (pulling from the Operational and Financial playbooks)

  • Milestones
  • Team Charters
  • Management Cadence

Organization Evolution/Role Sort (pulling from the Governance and Organizational playbooks)

  • Assessments
  • Alignment with growth strategy and culture
  • Design of incentive system

Other Communication Steps (in line with the Change Management playbook)