This week marks the end of Monsanto. After 116 years of existence, two years of due diligence and clearing regulatory hurdles its brand is disappearing into the bowels of Bayer. While the brand name goes away, its history, products and culture will linger. Bayer can’t change Monsanto’s history. It certainly values Monsanto’s products. How it manages the cultural integration will make a huge difference to the future success of the combined entity. Bayer’s bias should be to subsume the Monsanto culture along with its people and products as cleanly as possible.

Executive onboarding is the key to accelerating success and reducing risk in a new job. People generally fail in new executive roles because of poor fit, poor delivery or poor adjustment to a change down the road. They accelerate success by 1) getting a head start, 2) managing the message, 3) setting direction and building the team and 4) sustaining momentum and delivering results. This holds true for personal points of inflection like executive onboarding. And it holds true for organizational points of inflection like team onboarding in mergers and acquisitions.

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