With less than 30 percent of workers today committed to and satisfied with their work, leaders need to find ways to change their employees’ attitudes and habits. One route runs through non-financial recognition and rewards. Badgeville Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder Kris Duggan suggests that “gamification” not only can help employees to engage with positive behaviors, but can actually get them addicted to habits of excellence.

Applying this to Onboarding at Deloitte

Badgeville put a series of gamified elements – badges, leaderboards and status symbols – in place for participating in and completing Deloitte onboarding courses that everyone could see. By doing this, time to certification for participants reduced by 50 percent.

Performance Management with Salesforce

50 percent of all CRM implementations fail. Badgeville implemented a “Big Game Hunter” program for Salesforce to increase usage and engagement with the system. For one customer, compliance increased over 40 percent.

3 Steps to Get You There

This is about encouraging BRAVE behaviors.

  1. For each employee, figure out what behaviors have the most impact.
  2. Make sure those employees know what is expected and have the tools, resources and support required to do what they need to do.
  3. Recognize and reward behavioral steps along the way as well as end results.

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