We just finished the first draft of  our third book on some aspect of onboarding.  The New Leader’s 100-day Action Plan is written for new leaders.  (Imagine that!)  Onboarding is written for hiring managers.  The book we just finished, The Total Onboarding Program is written for people helping implement onboarding at an organizational level.

Get a head start – Manage the messages – Inspire and enable

The common themes are: 1) Get a head start, 2) Manage the messages and 3) Inspire and enable others.  It’s important for new leaders to take charge of their own onboarding and do these three.  It’s important for hiring managers to take charge of the total onboarding program for their new employees and do these three.  It’s important for organizational leaders to do these three at an organizational level.

Do these together

While there are a lot of factors that contribute to onboarding success or failure, the degree of confluence of efforts by the new leader, hiring manager and the organization with regard to onboarding can make a huge difference.  Things work far less well when these three groups are working against each other and far better when the groups are working together.  The pivot point is the hiring manager.  The hiring manager must get the organization aligned up front and then must help acquire, accommodate, assimilate and accelerate their new hire in the right way.

George Bradt – PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding