Atrenne Integrated Solutions

Four weeks before I started the job, I began working with PrimeGenesis to onboard me, starting with a half-day meeting. We developed a 100 Day plan that we executed week by week. Not only was this imperative for a first time CEO like myself, it was critical for someone leading a company that was merging four distinctly different cultures. And this was the very best thing we did, and we did it early.

Jan Mathiesen, CEO Atrenne Integrated Solutions

Calvert Education

PrimeGenesis has helped me successfully transition into a number of different roles, in Corporate and Private Equity settings. Their key to success is a highly pragmatic approach based on years of experience onboarding and accelerating leaders and teams. PrimeGenesis is completely on your side, helping you keep the team focused on what’s most important.

Steve Gross, CEO Calvert Education

Excellere Private Equity Firm

I have worked with PrimeGenesis twice in the last 24 months, first as a private equity investor and most recently as a first time leader of a company.  In both cases, their process and facilitation created nearly immediate alignment around our strategy and tactics that dramatically accelerated value creation…We accomplished nearly a year of positive change within a month.

Ryan Heckman, former Managing Director of Excellere Private Equity Firm

Sun Products

PrimeGenesis provided very effective executive onboarding helping many of our new leaders get a running start on accelerating strategic plans, developing their team and identifying cultural nuances unique to our Company. It’s worth the investment to give every new leader a head start. Their program helps avoid common pitfalls and barriers that derail new leaders. First impressions are lasting. PrimeGenesis ensures that new leaders are received positively on day one and hit the ground running.

Gretchen Crist, SVP Human Resources, Sun Products


PrimeGenesis helped a significant number of senior leaders joining LexisNexis. In every case they helped those leaders accelerate progress and drive better business performance. In some cases PrimeGenesis’ efforts made the difference between failure and success.  They saw things others didn’t, helped our leaders avoid possible mistakes and increased leaders’ confidence. – – I can recommend PrimeGenesis without reservation.

Robert Rigby-Hall, Senior Vice President Human Resources, LexisNexis

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