What Every New Government Leader Should Put In His Or Her 100-Day Action Plan

The fundamental elements of a new leader’s 100-day action plan are all about getting a head start, managing the message and building the team

Two-Way Time Management For Senior Executives

the busiest executives cannot manage their time without help from others

Pause To Accelerate a la Chris Christie

Pausing to accelerate is one of the core drivers of successful executive onboarding. It’s often the difference between a successful and less successful outcome in almost any business, societal or personal endeavor.

When And How To Shock An Organization For Its Own Good

As an executive onboarding into a new role you must choose between assimilating in, converging and evolving or shocking the organization. Shocking creates a hot landing requiring careful preparation and immediate action.

Three Tales Of Business Founders Who Gained From Franchising

Know what matters to you and to the people that matter to you. Then, as you’re looking at ways to get or do what matters, consider a franchise as one possible way to gain extra leverage.