Executive Onboarding Services

About to start a new executive leadership role?

Better have a plan to deliver big in your first 6 months.

40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months in a new role.  Why? Poor fit, inability to deliver and failure to adjust.

The executive onboarding services we provide are based on a structured, jointly-developed 100-Day Action Plan that helps you converge into the culture, pivot the organization in a new direction, and evolve a high-performing team aligned around shared purpose, goals, winning strategies and results-driven action plans.  Our executive onboarding process and expert, hands-on support helps you kick start your strategic, operational and organizational processes so you get done in 100 days what normally takes 6-12 months.  


90% of our clients succeed

Get Started with A Prep Session

Craft your 100-Day Action Plan to jump start your new job.

Executive Onboarding: How We Help You Succeed

Get a head start before day one

Prepare with a 100-Day Action Plan

Before day one, executive onboarding is about you, the leader. Take advantage of the “fuzzy front end”, the days between accepting the role and your actual Day One. Our partners meet you anywhere, anytime to co-create your robust 100-Day Action Plan, adapted to meet your unique situation.

Leverage the "Fuzzy Front End"

After developing your 100-Day Action Plan and before Day 1, we help you accelerate your progress in relationships, learning and messaging, so you can be on your front foot on day 1 and the early days.

Manage the message

Take Control of Day One and Early Days

Beginning with Day One, its about the team.  You have an opportunity to make a strategic first impression. Everything communicates. What you say and don’t say. What you do and don’t do. We help you plan a sensible agenda and activities that enable your assimilation into the culture.

Activate Culture-Shaping Communication

We work to ensure that you have a communication plan that seeds initial messages while prioritizing active listening, cultural observations, and responsiveness to stakeholders’ concerns.

Set direction, build the team

Co-Create Your Team Strategic Imperative

You’ve converged into the organization by day 30, sharpening your perspective on where to lead the team. Now is the time to pivot to strategy. The Imperative Workshop is a turning point in establishing the new leader and a cohesive leadership team focused on shared purpose, goals and ways of working.

Build Operating Momentum & Accountability

Now that your team is aligned, we help you embed processes to foster communication, create accountability and build momentum. Having these processes in place by day 45 is critical when driving cultural change and team performance.

Over Invest In and Deliver Early Wins

Early wins are key to establishing leader credibility and team confidence. Around Day 60, we facilitate a process that kick starts sub-teams around shared goals and action plans to drive short term successes.

Strengthen Your Organization

Most leaders regret moving too slowly on organizational decisions.  As a leader, you will not get very far until you have the right team. We help you perform an organizational role sort by Day 70 to make sure the right people are in the right roles and that you are building the capabilities you need.

Sustain momentum, deliver results

Assess Your Progress

You have reached the 100-day mark with strong relationships, the team aligned on direction, clear accountability and the excitement of delivering early wins. What’s next? We guide an assessment and feedback process that helps you gauge progress against previously defined business and organizational objectives.

Accelerate Your Performance

With the learnings in hand, we collaborate to outline the next phase of your transition beyond day 100.  The focus is on evolving processes, culture and your own leadership to address the changing landscape of your business, set course corrections and sustain momentum.