What Bob McDonald Must Do In His First 100-Days As CEO To Shock The Veterans Administration

McDonald must build a team to help him tear apart and rebuild three critical processes in his first 100-days

Onboarding Options When Face-To-Face Onboarding Is Not An Option

Virtual tools are particularly well suited for indirect communication, can help with direct communication and are risky for emotional communication.

The Only Real Question Anyone Has About Any Change You Lead

“How does this affect me?” Until you provide an answer to that question, no one is going to pay any attention to anything else you say.

New Ford CEO Fields Versus General Motors CEO Barra: Operator Versus Bureaucrat

once you identify rising stars in a function, you should give them “turn promotions” to run business units and groups, giving them operating general management experience to round them out.Target CEO Steinhafel has not done the job he needed to do as brand steward. That’s why he’s out.

Driving Growth Across Industries With The What, How And Who Approach

once you’ve determined where to play and locked in what matters and why, pivot off attitudinal choices around what, how and who on the way to connecting with your team to spur high impact actions.