The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

Bradt, Check, Lawler (John Wiley & Sons)

How to take charge, build your team, and get immediate results. A step-by-step plan for every leader in a new role. This book changes the way senior executives start new roles and undertake their critical first 100 days as new leaders, and is the philosophical foundation of the executive onboarding services we provide.

A must-read for all aspiring business leaders, from first-time CEO’s to executives at every level of the organization. Also a great tool for human resources and talent management executives.

Joe Griesedieck

Vice Chairman, Korn/Ferry Executive Search

With New Job Prep, you’ll hit the ground running Day One by preparing your 100-Day Action Plan before you start. Using our online tool, incorporate the information you have now to create working hypotheses to test and evolve as you learn more. It will help you assimilate into your new role, create a road map for aligning your team around a shared purpose, and avoid the potentially fatal mistakes that new leaders frequently make in critical transitions.

Experience greater preparation, increased mental clarity, and peace of mind.   With our New Job Prep program, you will be well on your way to delivering better results faster – the key to job success.

The New Leader’s Playbook serves as a searchable archive of articles originally published on since February 2011 and woven through our latest book, The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. With 40% of new leader’s failing in their first 18 months in a new role, onboarding risk is definitely worth assessing and managing. Assess the risk BEFORE you accept or start a new job.