A lot of you go back to work today after a break. Whether you return from a long weekend, a summer vacation, or extended time “on the beach”, there are three things you can do to optimize your return: 1) Leverage the broader perspective you gained on your break. 2) Re-engage with and re-start the most pressing priorities. 3) Get ahead of the curve on longer-term priorities.

Leverage your broader perspective

Many of you were on paid time off. If so, your employers thought it was in their best interest for you to take time off. They invested in you. They were less concerned about the immediate benefits to you of resting, reconnecting with your family and playing than they were about the benefits to them of your coming back rejuvenated. Their expectation is that by disengaging for a period of time, you were able to step back and look at yourselves, your teams and your organizations with fresh eyes.

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