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Job #1 in any communication effort is to understand your target audience and what matters to them. Then you have to craft a message that resonates with them and finally, deliver it in a way that connects. This is dramatically more difficult with hidden influencers; which means you have to pay more attention to those three steps with them: target, message, delivery. Find them. Adjust your support points. Simplify delivery.

First the bad news. By definition, hidden influencers are hidden. Now, the worse news. Those hidden influencers could be anywhere. There is no one right way to find them. There is no framework, no formula, no magic tool. It’s going to require scouts, spies and sensing. Sensing is about using your own senses to get your target audience to help you identify hidden influencers. Watch and listen to how they interact with different people in different situations looking for clues on who gives them advice.

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