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What are you going to do on Day One? That question, more than any other, stumps our clients. Most leaders fail to think about and plan Day One as thoroughly as it deserves. For some reason, leaders are often lulled into complacency when deciding what to do on Day One. Often, they passively accept a schedule that someone else has planned out for them. Or they plan to do what seems to be the traditional Day One activities of meeting those people “around” their office or filling out the required forms, unpacking, and setting up their office.

Not you. What you say and do on Day One is going to inspire others. Not with cheesy motivational tactics, but through meaningful words and actions that create excitement about the things to come. Do not underestimate Day One’s importance. Plan it with great care and make sure what you do and say communicates your message, exactly as you want it, to the people you most need to reach. Remember, this is personal, order counts, signs and symbols count, and timing counts.

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