Building on growth and client success with Executive Onboarding and Transition Acceleration services, PrimeGenesis announces the addition of Jeff Scott to the team. “Businesses are increasingly focused on accelerating and delivering better results faster through critical transitions. Demand for our services are growing as transitions such as leaders entering a new role (Executive Onboarding) and integrating teams post-acquisition (Team Onboarding) become commonplace. We are fortunate to welcome Jeff to our team; he brings deep experience as a business leader who has delivered results through critical business transitions.” said John Lawler, Managing Partner, PrimeGenesis.

Jeff Scott is a proven operational leader, having served as CEO, President, COO and CTO in public and private equity backed companies. Jeff’s previous roles include CEO – On Campus Marketing, President – Accuity, COO – GAIN Capital, and CTO – Thomson Financial. Jeff has a strong track record as a leader in complex transitions in information, media and retail businesses with an emphasis on digital transformations and M&A integration. His educational experience includes a BS from the University of Dayton and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

“Having been a PrimeGenesis client during my career, I have first-hand knowledge of the value of the firm’s approach to accelerating transitions and the commitment of its partners. I am excited about joining the team, working to serve our clients and building our business,” Jeff said.

PrimeGenesis was founded in 2003 on the core belief that the first 100 days of a transition is a crucible of leadership and that proactive planning makes all the difference between success and failure.  Accelerating assimilation and generating team alignment, momentum and results during the first 100 days dramatically increases leaders’ and teams’ chances for success in the short and long term.  Over the course of hundreds of engagements around the world, we have been able to reduce new leader failure (per Heidrick, 40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months) to less than 5% for our clients, while helping leaders and teams get done in 100 days what normally takes 6-12 months.

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