It’s not clear if it’s harder to follow a terrible CEO, a great CEO or Maria. Onboarding into a disaster is manageable. You can deal with known risks. You can anticipate some other risks. But shame on you if you don’t identify all the known and possible risks in advance. Brad Dean is joining Puerto Rico’s new Destination Marketing Organization as CEO. To say he’s got some work to do in the wake of Hurricane Maria is as much an understatement as it would be to say that Maria was not an asset to the island.

Executive onboarding is the key to accelerating success and reducing risk in a new job. People generally fail in new executive roles because of poor fit, poor delivery or poor adjustment to a change down the road. They accelerate success by 1) getting a head start, 2) managing the message, 3) setting direction and building the team and 4) sustaining momentum and delivering results.

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