New CEO Accelerates Team and Share Performance


A large diversified manufacturer spun off one of its divisions as a separate, stand-alone public company with the previous division president promoted to the role of CEO. The division’s recent past performance had suffered due to competitive and market issues, impacting the legacy company’s financial and share price performance. The new company needed a completely new leadership team, external positioning, and its own set of strategic, operating and organizational processes, to build momentum.


We helped the CEO create his own action plan and then worked with his direct reports, their direct reports and the entire organization in a series of workshops with ever-expanding reach to launch the new company and its core processes.

– sharpened priorities and execution plans
– developed messaging for internal and external initiatives
– readied leadership team to cascade core processes throughout the business


Got leadership team and then entire organization aligned around a new strategic imperative and new messaging. The new company got off to a strong start and increased its stock price more than 66% over its first five months after several years of “at market” share performance.

The CEO told us we were “orders of magnitude more valuable than we ever expected. Way above and beyond the call of duty and greatly appreciated by all…Your process and you personally have made a huge difference for me and the entire team.  All of that is nice but the shareholder value that has been created says it all.  Thank you so much! ”