1. Be honest with yourself about what matters to you and why – and what you’re willing to give up to get it. Nefkens might have gotten promoted earlier if he’d bent to the prevailing HP way at the time. But he and his teams would not have been as successful over time.
  2. Pause to accelerate. This is one of the fundamental ideas in executive onboarding. It’s applicable to people moving into new companies, taking on new roles within their existing company, and to people picking up new accounts or teams. This is a core part of Nefkens approach – and should be part of yours.
  3. Rally the team around the cause. We keep learning that leadership is not about you. It’s about the cause. If you’re a charismatic leader, people will follow you for a while. But they will devote themselves to a meaningful and rewarding cause over time – like Nefkens vision of being the “premier service provider, handling clients’ most complex problems.”

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