The only negotiating result that can stand the test of time is win-win. BRAVE negotiating can get you there, working through behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values and the environment from the outside in as you prepare in advance, manage the moment and follow through.


Environment: Start with context, history, recent results and the needs of others that won’t be directly involved in the negotiations.

Values: Next think through your own needs and concerns – and the other party’s needs and concerns.

Attitude: Think through your strategy and plan for the negotiation as well as your posture and general approach.

Manage the moment

Relationships are at the heart of successful negotiating. If you can’t connect with someone you can’t get to a win-win result. So, get started; clarify issues, positions, interests; find/create alternatives; build agreement.

Follow Through

Behaviors are what actually happen after the agreement – the implementation. Make sure you deliver your part. Keep communicating. Monitor progress and revise together as conditions change. This way you’ll enter the next negotiation with a context of mutual respect and trust. It’s only win-win if it looks, sounds and feels like win-win to all involved over time.

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