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You can’t just smash blast anymore.” Instead, you have to give them what they want and then strive to aggregate with yourself so you can control your own marketing. So says Jay Leopardi, the self-proclaimed “bad boy” of social media. The key points for those of still using paper sometimes are:

  • Ground everything you do and say in your brand promise.
  • Create great content that weaves a compelling narrative.
  • Leverage the new rules of social media to amplify your narrative.

Step one in engaging your audience is getting clear on the brand promise they should engage with.

Step two is acting as a narrator-in-chief to drive a compelling meaningful narrative over time.

Step three is engaging with your audience where they are to build followership and then leveraging social media tools to amplify your impact.

Ignoring social media does not seem like a viable option. Instead, leverage it to engage with the audience you choose to engage with in a way that is right for your brand, your business, and yourself.

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