Imation CFO Paul Zeller knows a thing or two about surviving in a cutthroat corporate world. Four different CEOs have come and gone since he has been CFO. The current CEO changed out every single person on the leadership team except Zeller. When I interviewed Zeller for my earlier article on Imation’s M&A tactics, I asked him how he survived.

Here are seven behaviors to keep in mind:

  1. Foundation – Treat your new boss decently as a human being,
  2. Attitude – Choose to be optimistic. Believe the best about your new boss.
  3. Approach – Proactively tell your new boss that you want to be part of the new team.
  4. Learning – Present a realistic and honest game plan to help the boss learn.
  5. Expectations – Understand and move on your new boss’ agenda immediately.
  6. Implementation – Adjust to your new boss’ working style immediately.
  7. Delivery – Be on your “A” game. Be present and “on”.

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