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How do you get the right team when you are in turnaround and new to the company? How do you know what and who is working? What culture do you want and what do you have? What is the tolerance level for bringing in external hires versus growing from the inside? And what is the timeline?

These were the questions Tony Doye faced when he joined Fujitsu America. Prior to working at the Japanese-owned company, Doye had worked primarily with Western-based companies. These organizations had fairly consistent business models and engendered similar thinking, processes, metrics, behaviors and culture to some degree.

Conversely, Fujitsu had grown through its acquisitions, sometimes opportunistically. In many of these cases, the Japanese parent trusted the acquired entity to manage itself in the short-term and become integrated with the parent’s culture over time.

What Doye did that was particularly strong was developing a plan that took into consideration both the culture of the parent company and the local workplace. He moved fast and then adjusted as appropriate along the way.

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