Tomorrow is 100 days.

Thought I’d pause to recap what I’ve accomplished so far.

Got a head start.

Having a plan in advance made a big difference.  I knew where I was going.

Additionally, I’m still getting good feedback on those pre-start conversations.  My relationships with people I met before day one are still stronger than others.

The key relationship was and continues to be with Jack.  This started off well and continues to go well largely because we’re both continuing to invest in the relationship as well as in the business.

Managed the message

The message turned out to be a big deal.  The message itself was simple, “Our time!”.  But it guided all my questions and efforts throughout my 100-days.

At first it was purely hypothetical.  I was prepared to evolve it or throw it out as I learned.  Since it worked, I kept it.

Built the team

These building blocks made a big difference:

–       Got all aligned around a burning imperative by the end of my first month

–       Got milestones in place early on.  We now run those meetings like a well-oiled clock.

–       We’re on track to deliver our PR early wins.  I’m glad we picked something doable.

–       The role sort both calmed people down and helped them move forward

–       I’ve kept communicating at every step of the way.  It’s been appreciated.

Separately, David and his team are making some final changes to our investment marketing plans before I share them with my boss, Jack next week.  The 100-day process is valuable – but only if it accelerates real results.  These investment plans will form the basis of our next 100-week action plan.

This will be my last journal entry.  Hope you found them useful and that the insights provided will help you to inspire and enable others.Would also again encourage you to review the 3rd edition of The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan.

The New Leader’s Journal is a fictional exercise illustrating the prescriptions and tools in the 3rd edition of The New Leader’s 100-Day Action PlanClick here to request an executive summary of the book.  Click here to pre-order/order a copy.