The story repeats.  Someone makes a mistake and tries to make up for it by doubling down on something else, kicking off a spiral of doom.  This time it's UBS' Kweku Adoboli.  Last year it was someone else.  Before that it was Nick Leeson bringing down Barings.  And it's not just bankers.  People in all walks of life make bad shots and try to make up for them by hitting a "hero" shot next.  Generally doesn't work.

On the one hand, the solution is simple.  Don't compound the problem.  Take your medicine.  Take your hit.  Take the penalty.  Take whatever you have coming to you and get back to playing your game your way as soon as you can.

On the other hand, the solution is hard to digest.  It requires accepting that you're not perfect, that your game is not perfect.  But none of us and none of them are.  Victory belongs not to those that are perfect; it belongs to those that take the hits, adjust, and move forward.

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