Did not see that coming.  Susan (my boss’ boss) is moving to a new role in the organization as a special assistant to the CEO.  (I smell an acquisition.)

Now my boss (Jack), the commercial director, is reporting directly to the CEO.

This feels like a major change with an enduring impact.  I’m going to do a re-start with the CEO to make sure he’s buying into what we’re doing (in partnership with Jack, of course).


This highlights why it’s so important to have a framework for categorizing changes.  I don’t want to let my team get distracted by changes with minor, temporary impacts.  Do want to treat things with major, temporary impacts as the crisis or opportunity they are.  Things with minor, enduring impacts need to be managed over time.  Things with major, enduring impacts, like Susan getting a new job, require re-starts.  There are steady-state evolutions and times where you need to change faster.  I’m glad I was ready.

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