We’ve figured out our meeting cadence:

Weekly milestone updates (1 hour each – people live or by phone)

Monthly deep dive into one topic (1/2 day – people in sessions that are appropriate for them)

Quarterly business reviews (full day, all live).  Additionally, each quarter we’ll work one of four big things:

Q4 operating plans

Q1 talent review

Q2 strategic plan

Q3 succession planning


Now that we’ve got our five building blocks in place (Imperative – Milestones – Early Wins – Role Sort – Communication), we need to put in place our approach to managing the business over time.  These get at longer term strategic, operational, and organizational processes and build in check points for us to assess what’s going on in the world around us so we can adjust on a continual basis.

Boss Jack particularly liked the quarterly cadence and will likely flow some of that into his team processes as well.  This is a good example of guiding others by strengthening my circle of influence instead of working on my circle of concern (thank you Stephen Covey).  This probably would not have worked so well if I’d proposed changing Jack’s team.  Instead I changed the marketing team and let Jack see the idea.

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