THE NEW LEADER’S 100-DAY ACTION PLAN – Bradt, Check, Pedraza (John Wiley & Sons)

How to take charge, build your team, and get immediate results. A step-by-step plan for every leader in a new role (with downloadable worksheets).



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"must-read book for anyone in a new leadership role"

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"This is a great book that any new leader needs to read."

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"a cohesive, comprehensive, and cost-effective system for anyone who is considering or who has just accepted a position that involves increased leadership and management responsibilities."

"A must-read for all aspiring business leaders, from first-time CEO's to executives at every level of the organization. Also a great tool for human resources and talent management executives."
– Joe Griesedieck, Vice Chairman, Korn/Ferry Executive Search

"Offers a comprehensive architecture with practical tools and techniques for new leaders to follow.  I believe that leaders who utilize the advice from this book will have demonstrative business and culture-building results." – Joe Bonito, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

"I want to sincerely thank you for The New Leader's 100 Day Action Plan. This book is priceless and quenches my thirst for knowledge specific to how I am going to handle the first 100 days in my new career…your book is the perfect prescription. It gets to the point quickly and provides tips, ideas and solutions that can be immediately implemented."  – Brad

"Got the job! Used your recommendations extensively during the interviews, negotiations, fuzzy front end, and now during my first weeks on the job. I recommended your book last week to my daughter. She bought it 2 days later, read the first few chapters over the weekend, and actually landed her Marketing Director job a day after her first interview last Monday. True story!" – Johan

"…an invaluable guide and source of inspiration."  – Peter

"I wanted to thank you and your co-authors for an excellent book. I just started a new job and your book gave me a clear path to follow. I've had 3 other transitions in my career (all promotions, one internal) and I always felt that it took too long to get organized and up-to-speed. With your book, I was better prepared for this transition before I even started! I had a great first 3 days at work and this has set the right tone. I know I will be much more successful faster in my new job, with the tools and guidance from your book." – Nadia

Moving into a new leadership position is one of the toughest challenges an executive can face. Nearly half of new leaders fail in their first eighteen months, often because of critical mistakes made at the very beginning. How do you avoid critical mistakes at the start of a new role? Whether you're a veteran CEO taking over a new organization or a novice moving into your first leadership role, this practical guide will help you manage your leadership transition to take charge, build your team, and deliver results. An easy-to-follow plan and timeline will keep you on track. Filled with real-world examples and downloadable worksheets, this one-of-a-kind book shows you how to master your new job – and the art of leadership.

3rd Edition – October, 2011

In particular, this edition has several changes and new ideas around:

Applying social media to onboarding with a current, dynamic, iterative, and interactive approach to conversations across a network of multiple stakeholders, and across a wide variety of media.

Taking a BRAVE new approach to culture and context looking at Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and Environment.

Incorporating more robust crisis management techniques with a new appendix on a 100-Hour Action Plan for crisis situations already being deployed by the American Red Cross.

Providing advice for the new leader’s boss drawn from George Bradt and Mary Vonnegut’s Onboarding book.

Including sample 100-Day Action Plans to show what completed plans might look like.