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Let me be clear from the start.  Most cheating is bad.  Fraud, dishonesty, unfaithfulness are hard to condone.  But some cheating is good.  No one gets too upset if a shortstop cheats towards second base or a center half-back cheats towards the left side.

100-day action plans are some of the highest, best forms of cheating.


They're generally not 100-days. 

We push people very hard to get a head start.  If someone crafts their 100-day action plan three weeks before they start and then takes advantage of the fuzzy front end before the start, they could end up with 120 days to implement their 100-day plan.  This is a very high, very good form of cheating.

They give new leaders an unfair advantage. 

People with 100-day plans are better prepared and have more confidence than people without 100-day plans.  So a leader with a plan has an advantage over that same leader without a plan.  Giving yourself an advantage versus yourself is another very high, very good form of cheating.

They give leaders' teams an unfair advantage. 

People following leaders with 100-day plans have an easier time because the leader is more clear.  Giving your followers an unfair advantage is yet another very high, very good form of cheating.

Net, cheating is a good thing if it involves a little extra work, a little extra clarity, to make it easier for the leader and the team to do what they need to do.  So cheat.  Not for bad.  For good.