Definitely feel like I was drinking from a fire hose this week – particularly since it was only four days. All-in-all it went well.  Did a LOT of listening, resisting the temptation to have an opinion on anything.


Met with Gerald at the ad agency.  They’re doing some good things.

Also met with Hal at the PR agency.  They’re an underutilized resource.  Need to get them more involved.


Went through both brands’ base plans.  Disappointing.  I get it.  They’ve been acting like a start up and haven’t had much cash, but why they did not take advantage of free media is beyond me.


Started one-on-one meetings with the marketing people reporting into David, Ellen and Faith. Love the attitude. Not much classical training though. Much work to be done.



This step is really an extension of day one.  “Day One” is somewhat of a myth. This is all about those early first impressions and making sure I’m not causing any lasting damage.  Spents some good time with my boss Jack.  Important to do so.  I’m absolutely playing not to lose here. I know I can’t win…yet.

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