First full week marked by a series of meetings with:

–       David’s team

–       Ellen’s team

–       Faith’s team


The differences between the various teams were striking. Let me elaborate:

David’s team is leading from the front foot.  They’re pushing and trying new things.  It was refreshing and fun, if a little undisciplined.  But I can help direct that passion.

Ellen’s team members were reluctant to express their opinions, looking to Ellen for approval before saying anything.  The meeting didn’t feel good at all.

Faith’s team are mechanics.  They can implement things on the media side.  But it doesn’t seem like anyone has asked them to think.


Scheduled my imperative workshop for two weeks out.  Didn’t want to do it too soon; but do want to get in place before the end of my first month.  (The book says that’s important.)



This week is really a continuation of making first and early impressions in my early days.  I’m listening.  I’m trying to do that with an open mind and trying not to judge too early. Have not even tried to impact anyone else yet.  That will come later .  On the other hand, I know I’m being judged and am doing my absolute best not to cause any lasting damage by saying anything too stupid early on.

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