Day one went well!


Started the day over coffee with Jack (my boss).  Got his perspective on my priorities.  I like him.


Then I bought the whole office coffee and bagels, providing a perfect opportunity to casually meet and greet with colleagues. A little overwhelming.  No way I will remember everybody’s names.


After breakfast had one-on-one conversations with Faith (direct report – media – just back from Maternity leave), and with the CFO, Chesley.  Both good.  Both helpful.


We did a new manager assimilation session over lunch. It was appreciated.  Tough questions were asked as expected.  I didn’t try to spin anything, just told them what I knew and thought.


Spent the afternoon in a couple of supermarkets with one of David’s direct reports on Brand X. While I’d been in stores before (obviously), I wanted to signal the importance of consumer and customer interaction since most consumers buy our products in supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchants and the like.  We talked to a couple of people in each store about what they were buying and why.



A good day; all about making good and smart, not bad, first impressions.  Clearly a critical step in engaging with the team and instilling its confidence in me and my vision. Glad I thought things through in advance and got a head start.

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