The first conversation I had with anyone after finishing my 100-Day Action Plan was with my boss Jack.


The upside of getting his perspective was huge!  The downside of ignoring him would have been equally huge.

He could have had one of three responses to my approach.  And I would have learned from either.

  • If he had told me not to do anything until day one, I would have surmised that he wanted to keep tight control of my onboarding (and likely everything else I do)
  • If he had told me to go forward with my plan as is, I would have surmised that he didn’t want me to bother him with details and that I would have to be operating more independently than the norm.
  • Since he encouraged me to go forward with the plan and had some good ideas for improving it, I’m feeling like he wants to partner with me for success – first prize!

Net, really glad I shared the plan with him verbally, in loose form so he could build on it.  Looking forward to getting on with the pre-start work next week.

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