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There was moment in the waning moments of Saturday evening's NCAA Basketball semi-final between UConn and Kentucky when the Kentucky team ran out of gas.  It was just a moment; and during the ensuing time out, their coach, John Calipari, re-energized them.  We'll never know if that was the moment that cost them the game.  But we do know that relying on 6 or 7 players to carry the vast majority of the load means a greater risk of their running out of gas than does relying on more players and managing the transitions.

You've probably already figured out where I'm going with this analogy.  Make sure you're not relying on the same people over and over again to get things done.  There's real power in depth charts.  There's real power in diversity of strengths.  There's a real advantage in letting everyone on the team contribute to the best of their abilities so others can step up when your "go to" players run out of gas.  Everyone runs out of gas sometimes.  Just make sure you've got the depth to manage through it without it costing you the game.

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