We're in the process of pulling together the next edition of The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan.  It seems like a good time to re-think what we've got in the current edition and add in some new ideas.  Would love your perspective on what in this you find particularly valuable and what could make it even better.


 1.  Make a plan. (Identify the dimensions of the negotiations by answering these questions: What are my needs and concerns? What are their needs and concerns?)

 2.  Get started. (Identify areas of agreement.)

 3.  Clarify positions. (State, support, and listen.)

 4.  Find alternatives.

 5.  Gain agreement. (Study proposals, make concessions, summarize, test the agreements.)

 6.  Implement. (Communicate, deliver, and monitor.)

It's been particularly useful for some to lay out their opening position, expected position, minimum position, and walk-away, as well as what they think the other party's opening, expected, maximum, and walk-aways are.

Your thoughts?


[This framework is described in the current edition of the book.  Happy to send anyone that asks an executive summary of the current book.  Click here to ask.)


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