The only way anyone will ever change anything is if they believe they can not keep doing what they are doing in the way they are doing it.  This requires a) a platform for change b) a vision of a better way and c) action steps they can take to effect the change.

External platforms for change are more effective than are internal platforms.  If the platform for change is internal, (e.g. "our systems have not been keeping up"), it is inevitable that some will feel bad.  Some will think you are suggesting that they should have done something earlier.  On the other hand, an external platform change (e.g. "our customers' needs have changed") does not have to make anyone feel bad.  The news is in.  The world changed.  We need to get out of our corner.

(Much more on this in "The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan" (Bradt and Vonnegut, Wiley 2009))