"Hurry up.  Toytime is over.  Everyone is back from books.  It's time for preces."

This was my welcome into my new school, Winchester College.  What was abundantly clear was that they had their own language and I had no clue what the key words meant.

Fortunately, they had a "Notions" book that spelled out the vocabulary, manners and traditions peculiar to Winchester College.  First year students were given the book, studied it, and then were tested on it.

Do you have a "Notions" book at your organization?  It's almost guaranteed that you have some peculiar vocabulary, manners or traditions of your own.  It's in everyone's best interest to make it as easy as possible for new members to get up to speed as quickly as possible.  We've added a new tool to our "Onboarding" book collection called "Idiosyncracies".  It can help you get started.

(By the way, "Toytime" means study hour. "Books" means classes.  "Preces" are evening prayers.  And the picture is of a "Winkies hot" or Winchester College football scrum.  But you had probably figured most of those since you're so maze smart.)