At first, Nathaniel did not buy the concept that he should start before his “official” Day One.  He wanted to take some time off so that he could show up at his new job rested and relaxed.  Further, he felt uncomfortable asking for meetings before he was “officially” on the job.  Eventually he agreed to try several of our suggested actions before Day One.   Here is exactly what he wrote to us in an email just one week later:

“I’ve already reached out to some future colleagues and some agency counterparts just to introduce myself.  You’re right, it is game changing.  Everyone has reacted with warmth and candor and it will make the first few weeks far more effective and enjoyable.”

Taking advantage of the fuzzy front end is part of getting a head start, a core piece of why having and implementing a 100-day action plan is a cheat for the good.

(Excerpted from "The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan" – Bradt, Check, Pedraza)