In his essay on “What the Dog Saw”, Malcolm Gladwell describes Cesar Millan’s “movements of mastery” in communicating with dogs.  There’s magic here.  There’s magic in Cesar’s deep understanding of how to connect with dogs, in the actions he uses, and in his mastery of the tone, tempo, and phrasing of those movements.

Too many of us focus on the details of what we’re communicating without ever thinking about the tone, tempo and phrasing of how they come together.  It’s the difference between random words and a compelling story.  It’s the difference between disconnected notes and a melody.  It’s the difference between the steady drone of an onslaught of PowerPoint slides  and compelling communication.

Almost anything can be phrased: a presentation, a workshop, an interview, a new leader’s 100-day action plan.  Think about beginnings, middles and ends.  Think about high points and rests.  Think about how you want people to feel at different times as well as when you want them to understand and believe whether you are onboarding someone into your organization or joining a new organization yourself.

George Bradt – PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding and Transition Acceleration