How can managers create more time?

They can’t.  All they can do is reallocate it.  While individuals are limited to reallocating their own time, managers have more leverage because they can take advantage of others’ time as well.  How they do that is one of the main differences between more effective and less effective managers.

Everyone can sort across: 1) things they choose to do themselves, 2) things they delegate to others, and 3) things they choose not to do or not have done.

Managerial leverage comes through delegation.  Less effective managers delegate things they choose not to do themselves.  More effective managers evaluate the task and team concurrently, working hard to make sure tasks are handled by the person on the team best suited to each task.  One of the keys to accelerating onboarding is getting up to speed fast on tasks and the team in order to delegate more effectively faster.

Bottom line, delegate things others can do better than you, instead of just things you don’t want to do yourself.

George Bradt – PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding and Transition Acceleration