Ed Bancroft and I are just finishing the final content edits on our new book The Total Onboarding Program.  This one is designed to be the companion workbook to Onboarding – How to Get Your New Employees Up to Speed in Half the Time to help organizations implement a systemic approach to onboarding.  I’m happy to give anyone that asks an executive summary of either book.

For new leaders

Our first book, The New Leaders’ 100-Day Action Plan was originally published in 2006 for leaders moving into new positions.  It laid out the methodology that PrimeGenesis has used to reduce the rate of new leader failure from 40% to 10%.

For hiring managers

Then we realized that our mothers were right when they told us not to swim alone.  No new leader can be successful on his or her own.  They need to work with others, starting with their hiring manager.  A successful partnership between a hiring manager and a new employee is an essential component of any new employee’s success.  Thus we wrote our second book, Onboarding, to help hiring managers do a better job.

For the organization

Now we’re taking this up one more level with The Total Onboarding Program to help thought leaders or external consultants implement a systemic approach to onboarding.  This will take organizations to new levels of effectiveness by improving and integrating the disconnected experiences and messages new employees get during the recruiting and on-the-job learning process.

So what/Now what

We’ve still got to go through copy editing and layout editing.  (Any of you that have published a book know what that entails.)  So The Total Onboarding Program won’t be available until summer.  In the mean time:

1) If you’re the new leader, remember to get a head start, manage your message, and help others deliver.

2) If you’re the hiring manager, remember to prepare for success BEFORE starting to recruit, recruit in a way that reinforces your messages, give your new employee a big head start, and help your new employee help others to deliver.

3) If you’re the organizational leader, make sure your hiring managers have a Total Onboarding Plan in place before starting to recruit, and that they truly partner with their new employees for success, pivoting off the co-creation of Personal Onboarding Plans.

George Bradt – PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding and Transition Acceleration