Executive Onboarding

Particularly appropriate for strong leaders accelerating complex transitions

PrimeGenesis prepares executives in advance to hit-the-ground-running on day one, then accelerates leaders and their teams through 100-Day Action Plans that establish high-performing business groups with strategic, operational and organizational processes aligned around each's shared purpose.

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Organization-wide Onboarding

"Expert consulting" based on our team, tools, and perspective

We work with your senior leadership to map out and implement an integrated organization-wide approach to recruiting, hiring and accelerating new employees.  Our Five-Stage TOP program is described in our books Onboarding and The Total Onboarding Program and below.

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Crisis Management

On the other hand, our logical, sequential approach to getting done in 100-days what would normally take 6-12 months is woefully inadequate in a crisis.  In a crisis, PrimeGenesis' 100-Hour Action Plan deploys team acceleration tools iteratively instead of sequentially to get done in 100-hours what would normally take weeks or months. 

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Other Services

The bad news for people looking for other services is that we are single-mindedly focused on executive onboarding and transition acceleration – transformational leadership.  The good news is that we have an extensive network of alliances to which we can refer people with other needs like executive search, job search, employment law, executive coaching among others.