Over the past several weeks, we’ve laid out 11 onboarding issues with 11 suggestions for how to deal with them.  (They are recapped below.)

The overriding issue

The overriding issue is that dealing with each of these 11 issues is not good enough without dealing with poor hand-offs between players.

The suggestion

Our suggestion is to deploy a complete, integrated, Total Onboarding Plan and deal with all these issues before they become issues.

Eleven Onboarding Issues

Alignment issues  => Suggestions

#1) Solving the wrong problem

  • Clarify the broader purpose

#2) Operating in isolation

  • Align key stakeholders before starting recruiting.

Acquisition issues

#3) Recruiting sequentially

  • Create a slate of candidates

#4) Separating buying and selling

  • Pre-sell while buying

#5) Pyrrhic victories in closing the sale

  • Make strategic sales

Accommodation issues

#6) Doing it to them

  • Co-create Personal Onboarding Plans (POP)

#7) Neglecting the basics

  • Accommodate new employees’ needs

Assimilation issues

#8) Surprising stakeholders

  • Manage the announcement cascade

#9) Poor first impressions

  • Manage day one

#10) Sink or swim approach

  • Assimilate proactively

Acceleration issues

#11) Leaving them alone too soon

  • Accelerate through the 1st 100 days and beyond

Note these are discussed in more detail in Onboarding – How To Get Your New Employees Up to Speed in Half the Time

George Bradt – PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding and Transition Acceleration