Currently spending a couple of days with a couple of my kids in China.  Every time I come over here I am struck by the palpable hunger in the air.  China is not outgrowing the USA as a nation because its people are any better than the those in the USA.   It is outgrowing the USA because its people are hungrier for change.

I saw this in Japan in the 1990s.  The post-World War II generation had a hunger for excellence that was born out of the devastation of World War II.  They knew they could not keep doing what they were doing.  They were ravenous for change and made it happen.  Their children benefited from that.  In most ways it was wonderful.  But satisfaction does not fuel a hunger for change.

Your Onboarding Program is Not Good Enough

Onboarding success starts with believing this every time you bring someone on to a new team and every time you join a new team.  If you think the program is good enough, you will not have the hunger to make it better; you will not have the hunger to execute the details of the program with excellence; you will not have the hunger to succeed.  If you think the program is good enough, it will not be.

Onboarding is all about two-way transformational leadership – guiding change.  Those hungry for change will do a better job inspiring and enabling others from whatever seat they fill.

Be hungry.  Be better.

George Bradt – PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding and Transition Acceleration