From the very beginning, PrimeGenesis has focused on executive onboarding and transition acceleration.  Not all transitions involve someone switching companies or divisions or even offices.  Some of the most complex transitions happen when the world changes around a leader who is otherwise staying in place.  Think new boss, merger, acquisition, restructure, or fundamental change in customers, collaborators, capabilities, competitors, or conditions.

When changes occur, pause for a moment to determine if the change is major or minor and has a temporary or enduring impact.  It it’s minor, stay the course or evolve as appropriate.  If it’s major, but temporary, manage it as an incident.  If it’s major and enduring, hit a RESTART button and deploy all the onboarding tools you’ve got.

When Darwin talked about survival of the fittest, he wasn’t talking about the strongest or the most intelligent.  He was talking about those best able to adapt – to see changes and adjust as appropriate.  An idea that is as important today as ever.

George Bradt
PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding