Onboarding and Transition Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

“You helped us simplify the complex, interpret our complexity and articulate our mission, vision and strategies.  You helped build our confidence, showed us that we do know what we need to do to grow our business. Your process built in the discipline we needed to get started, and then to keep the momentum going” 

Wetteny Joseph
President, Clinical Supply Services, Catalent Pharma Solutions

“You were an incredibly useful sounding board, speaking with experience and authority. The tools and partners are practical and hands – on, helping us get the job done. We have completely turned around the motivation and mindset of this team”

Joe Flannery
SVP-GM, Newell Brands Technical Apparel

“I shared your tools with a team member, he was very grateful and excited. You all are doing amazing work over there AND making me look like a rock start” 

Melanie George
Executive Integration Lead, IBM

“I have worked with PrimeGenesis twice in the last 24 months, first as a private equity investor and most recently as a first time leader of a company.  In both cases, their process and facilitation created nearly immediate alignment around our strategy and tactics that dramatically accelerated value creation…We accomplished nearly a year of positive change within a month”

Ryan Heckman

Former Managing Director of Excellere Private Equity Firm

“The PrimeGenesis process helped me get an early start on learning, relationships and my messaging. It has helped me develop credibility and trusting relationships in a founder-led company with a very strong culture. This is priceless”


 Carolyn Feinstein
CMO, Dropbox

“PrimeGeneis provided me with a framework, a roadmap, and support, to keep me focused on what’s most important during my transition into the new role.  We capitalized on new leadership to re-assess our situation, which acted as a catalyst for making changes we needed to make.  The process allowed for everyone’s engagement toward the goal, we made real decisions and created positive momentum for our growth”

 Jim Schmerling
CEO, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“PrimeGenesis provided very effective executive onboarding helping many of our new leaders get a running start on accelerating strategic plans, developing their team and identifying cultural nuances unique to our Company. It’s worth the investment to give every new leader a head start. Their program helps avoid common pitfalls and barriers that derail new leaders. First impressions are lasting. PrimeGenesis ensures that new leaders are received positively on day one and hit the ground running”

Gretchen Crist
SVP Human Resources, Sun Products

“The PrimeGenesis process and facilitation helped us become a team by tackling the toughest issues together, turning our words into action.  PrimeGenesis was more than additive. You were absolutely critical to creating a path and process to develop a common focus, roadmap and discipline for staying on track”

George Russell
CEO, PureRED | Ferrara

“The PrimeGenesis process helped us put our heads together and figure out how to combine forces to be a bigger, stronger industry leader – realizing the promise of why we made the acquisition in the first place. Feels like ONE TEAM heading in the same direction. We built the team and the integration approach and expect to repeat it successfully over time”

John O’Connell
CEO Wind River Environmental

“You helped us sift through a multitude of inputs and create focus on what’s most important.  We focused on the difference makers. This is what created confidence and energy and helped unify our team.  The processes and facilitation helped create a safe team where we challenge each other and get cracking on what needs to get done.  You are credible based on your client list, word of mouth reputation, plus the timing and value added of your partners”

Sharon Rossi
CEO Food Science Corporation

“PrimeGenesis transforms confusion into a disciplined project that can be led and will be delivered as a team.  We keep calling PrimeGenesis – you have credibility with our team, adapting and pushing us to go faster than we would do on our own”

Greg Worrell

CEO, Scholastic Education

“Four weeks before I started the job, I began working with PrimeGenesis to onboard me, starting with a half-day meeting. We developed a 100 Day plan that we executed week by week. Not only was this imperative for a first time CEO like myself, it was critical for someone leading a company that was merging four distinctly different cultures. And this was the very best thing we did, and we did it early”

Jan Mathiesen

CEO Atrenne Integrated Solutions

“I appreciated your confidentiality, and being a useful and trusted sounding board throughout the process. There were several times you went above and beyond the normal call of duty to give us what we needed, more than what we asked for.  PrimeGenesis’ commitment to working with me, as an HR business partner, was a key to success, in my view. We were all one team working toward the same result”

Paul Edwards
VP-Human Resources, Catalent Pharma Solutions

“It was an incredible gift to have George as my coach. I needed help thinking through how to navigate a new environment and a new role.  He required her to be intentional about her plan. It made all the difference in the world. ”

Jackie Woodward
CMO, Bojangles Restaurant, Inc

“PrimeGenesis has helped me successfully transition into a number of different roles, in Corporate and Private Equity settings. Their key to success is a highly pragmatic approach based on years of experience onboarding and accelerating leaders and teams. PrimeGenesis is completely on your side, helping you keep the team focused on what’s most important”

Steve Gross

CEO, Calvert Education

“PrimeGenesis helped a significant number of senior leaders joining LexisNexis. In every case they helped those leaders accelerate progress and drive better business performance. In some cases PrimeGenesis’ efforts made the difference between failure and success.  They saw things others didn’t, helped our leaders avoid possible mistakes and increased leaders’ confidence. – – I can recommend PrimeGenesis without reservation”

Robert Rigby-Hall

SVP Human Resources, Lexis-Nexis