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Ask Annie.  New Job?  Get a Head Start Now.
George Bradt
Can you rehabilitate a passive aggressive employee
George Bradt

A Groupon for Groupon’s CEO

George Bradt
The Right Way for a CEO to Deliver Bad News
George Bradt
Three Undeniable Tenets About Going Public or Private
Jayme Check
If You Want to Change Corporate Culture, Dare to Tell the Truth
Jayme Check
How to Stop Carl Icahn From Taking Over Your Company
Jayme Check


Heads Up C-suite Leaders, Landmines Ahead

Mary Vonnegut

How C-suite Leaders & Teams Can Deliver Better Results, Fast

Mary Vonnegut

Onboarding Starts Before Recruitment  

George Bradt

New Year, New Boss — Same Old Fear

George Bradt

New boss means new way of working

George Bradt

Nonprofit Business Advisor

“Onboard” Employees to Attract and Retain Talent

George Bradt applies the producer, director, stage manager onboarding model to nonprofits.


Timeless lessons from Time Inc.

How Griffin set the stage for his own ouster as CEO

“Onboarding: An Act of Transformational Leadership”

George Bradt share his perspective in Human Resource Planning Society’s “People and Strategy”

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HR Review

HR Review – Hot Landings

A new leader may well find himself in a corporate “hot landing,” What are some of the strategies that could help?

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Interview with George Bradt on the importance of onboarding.

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The Economic Times

A first-time leader? Here’s how to keep others happy

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Five Things You Must Do Between Acceptance of a Job and Start Date

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New on the Job?  How to manage your supporters and detractors.

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Bullish on Books: New on the Job?  New Book Offers 100-day Action Plan

Post on The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

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The Magic Period That Can Make You a Star at Work

Lauren Weber’s interviews George Bradt on how to take advantage of the time between accepting and starting a new job.

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Acclimating Newcomers to the Office

Jane Porter’s article on acclimating includes comments from George Bradt about the importance of relationships formed early.

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How Executives Can Make a Positive First Impression in a New Job

Jayme Check shares how executives can be miles ahead of the game before day one by asking the right questions

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In business, 100-day plans are a mistake

Michael Skapinker’s article arguing a different point of view from that expressed in “The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan”.  (Though he does seem to agree with more than he disagrees with.)

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Top 100 Influencers –

John Sumser’s excellent series on RecruitingBlogs.com profiles Onboarding leader George Bradt

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Analyzing Cultural Fit

George Bradt’s article on the BRAVE tool to help HR executives assess cultural fit.

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The Value of Adaptive Leadership

BCG suggests adaptive leadership generally trumps more directive leadership. George Bradt generally agrees – but not in all cases in this article by Lin Grensing-Pophal

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Set the Stage for New Employee Success

Read Will Flamme’s article ion the launch of Onboarding: How to Get your New Employees Up to Speed in Half the Time and The Three Stages of a Hiring Manager, Buying and Selling at the Same Time, and Orientation is Not Onboarding.

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Onboarding Done Better

Read Dave Smith’s article on how you behave and relate to new people are all both communicating the culture, modeling the culture, and forming the culture.

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Read Lou Dubois’ article in Inc. on “How to Set Goals For New Employees“.  Has some good ideas in it about the importance of different types of goals and about aligning goals.

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Read Lou Dubois’ article in Inc. on “How to Make an Employee’s First 90 Days Successful“.  Has some good ideas in it.  (Note he misquoted me on the 40% failure rate.  It’s at 18 months, not 8 and is based on a study by Heidrick & Struggles of 20,000 searches.)

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The Only Three Interview Questions You’ll Ever Need – The Independent’s Tim Walker discusses George Bradt’s Forbes article on interviewing

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Onboarding 101 for Small Businesses

16 things small businesses can do differently (and better)

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Business Insider

Why CEO Candidates Shouldn’t Even Take An Interview With JC Penney

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Mitigating Risk in Your New Position – Jayme Check

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University Business

Executive Onboarding – The Unwritten Rules of Success

Barbara Kaufman makes the case for universities to adopt a systematic onboarding process to welcome and integrate newly appointed administrators.

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Blogging about Business

An Interview with George Bradt (Comprehensive)

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Sacramento Business Journal

How to cope with losing a key employee – Elaine Goodman (quoting George Bradt)

“They must, must, must buy into the values, or they are a problem from Day One,” Bradt said. “Everybody better be paddling the same direction, or the boat is going to flip.”

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Why More Marketers Are Taking The CEO Reins

Read Thomas Yang’s thoughts on this trend.

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Total Picture Radio

Interview with George Bradt on his Forbes articles re: The New Leader’s Playbook

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Plus an interview on the basics of onboarding re: The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan.

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Plus, an interview on the crucial partnership between hiring managers and new employees re: Onboarding book.

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The First 100 Days in a New Job

George Bradt, shares insights, proven solutions, and cutting-edge techniques for successfully transitioning into a new role whether you are a first-time leader or seasoned professional.

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Management Excellence

“a great interview with priceless advice and “must listen/must read” content for anyone approaching a start-up situation.”

Listen to George Bradt’s “Leadership Caffeine” podcast interview with Art Perry

BFM 89.9 Malaysia

Raise Your Game – The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

Listen to Angeline Teh’s podcast interview of George Bradt

George Bradt shares with BizTalk Host Jim Lobaito the proven process for accommodating, assimilating, and accelerating new employees up to speed in half the time.

Listen to the podcast

Power Lunch: TV Segment On What New JC Penney Ullman Should Do In His First 100-Days

Does the world need JC Penney?

View a video of the segment

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