Acceleration & Restart

Looking to accelerate your team through a strategic point of inflection?

You’ll need a clear path, process and persistence to deliver the result.

70% of transformations don’t deliver desired results. Why? Poor leadership around goals, roles, resourcing and communication.

We help you think through the plan to shake things up, re-orient and accelerate your team in a winning direction. Our 100-Day Acceleration & Restart process and expert support helps you seed the new mindset, clarify direction, and embed accountability. The result? Change that sticks and delivers results.


90% of our clients succeed

Acceleration & Restart: How We Help You Succeed

Get a head start before day one

Prepare with a 100-Day Action Plan

You’ve decided to accelerate or pivot your team in a better direction. The team needs a burning platform to get un-stuck and start moving faster. To get the team’s attention, set a “Day One” for the transformation and new direction. Be clear on the goal and the payoff and realistic about your starting point. We will help you develop a 100-Day Action Plan that clarifies your leadership approach, direction, messaging and a change management process.

Leverage the “Fuzzy Front End”

Once the plan is in place, we help you take advantage of the time before your declared Day One to solidify board and boss support for the transformation, enroll champions of change, sharpen your outside-in perspective and seed the mindset amongst the team.

Manage the message

Take Control of Day One and Early Days

How will you demonstrate to the team that “today is different”? This is the beginning of a process to redefine and lay out the pathway to success. We help you choose your language, symbols and stories wisely to create excitement about the destination and confidence in the team’s ability to break through and win.

Activate Culture-Shaping Communication

Cultural transformation is needed to sustain an acceleration or restart. Take time to be clear about what behaviors are needed for success and shape your rewards and communication accordingly. Celebrate successes and behaviors that reinforce the new direction and culture.

Set direction, build the team

Co-Create Your Team Strategic Imperative

Once you’ve seeded the new mindset and built excitement about the transition initiative, it is time to gain even greater alignment on the new destination and the path to get there. At around Day 30, we facilitate the Imperative Workshop, helping you guide the team to a co-created, actionable plan that executes agreed strategies and achieves agreed goals. We help you define the “From-To” challenge with regard to strategic, operational and organizational processes that must adapt to the new goals and strategies. This makes the theoretical more concrete, dramatically increasing your chances for success.

Build Operating Momentum & Accountability

Now that your team is aligned, we help you embed processes by day 45 to foster communication, create accountability, enable problem solving and build momentum. These processes are critical when driving cultural change and team performance.

Over Invest In and Deliver Team Early Wins

It’s all about confidence in accelerations and restarts. The team needs successes to prove that they can turn the ship and deliver results. At around Day 60, we help you select achievable, meaningful wins that only get delivered with “new team, new mindset,” chartering “action teams” to deliver results in condensed time frames and giving you plenty of reason to celebrate the team’s progress.

Strengthen Your Organization

The structure and players who got you to where you are may not be the same as those who will get you to your new destination. Demonstrate your commitment to the transition goal by Day 70 by assessing your organizational capacity against your needs and preparing to make needed changes. Our tools and seasoned experts help you throughout the process of decision-making and communication.

Sustain momentum, deliver results

Assess Your Progress

You have reached the 100-day mark with the team excited about and aligned on the new direction, with clear accountability and confidence from the excitement of delivering early wins. We facilitate an assessment process, giving you a strong sense of where you are and how well you are leading versus the original transition goals.

Accelerate Your Transition

We help you utilize the assessment to define an actionable plan that evolves your practices, processes, culture and personal leadership to sustain the momentum you’ve built and accelerate the team to better results faster. The plan identifies areas for support and lays out a process for regular checkpoints that enable ongoing renewal during the transition.